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July 07, 2017

Vegetarians love grilled cheese sandwiches, but will they still love them if they see a giant, sentient grilled cheese sandwich play with a child?

If you love animals or if you can’t escape advertising, you probably saw the Netflix film Okja. This harrowing tale tells the story of a genetically modified, hippo-like creature named Okja who is raised in the mountains of South Korea by an adorable farm girl named Mija. But Mija is horrified when she finds out Okja was created by the American government to be used as food! What farm child sees this coming?

Well, if you enjoyed this message packed movie you’re in for a treat. A sequel for Okja is already in the works and this one promises to be even more heavy handed. It is 2017, any college student can go vegetarian. We have Nitro in our coffee. It’s all about taking it to the next level. This next movie is really going to take dietary restrictions one step further. Instead of a hippo-like creature, the animal will be a giant, genetically modified grilled cheese sandwich. The lovable Okja covered the meat portion of the food industry but the grilled cheese sandwich creature or “Grilled Cheesy” will cover the dairy and gluten portion of the food industry.


Still from upcoming sequel

Vegetarians love grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s a scientific fact. But will they still love them if they see a giant, sentient grilled cheese sandwich play with a child? Low-card dieters will rejoice with this new sequel. Mija raises her best friend “Grilled Cheesy” from just a little sandwich to massive but loving sandwich.

What will she do when she finds out it is going to be harvested by the American government for food? Watch Grilled Cheesy and Mija have magical adventures in the mountains. Adventures filled with wordless jokes and bready kisses.

There’s still no word on what weird voice Jake Gyllenhaal will be using for the sequel but rest assured it will be annoying.