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You Text your Junk to a 17 year old and get busted for it on a national level like some people we know have done. You sick F*cks.

Get a bj on cam by a tranny. (Note to self stay out of downtown Pittsburgh after 4am.)

Lost your Job lost your women, your home & your dog after a long day of taking it up the a*s from the man all day long on a hot summer day.

Your not making news but your on it and there looking for your ass.

If you spent the day at a nude beach in the USA. (Because we the people of the USA are not in the best of shape thesedays i tell you what. trust me am one of them.)

You go to the gym and some creepy guy watched you work out then watch you in the shower and dressing and before that undressing.(No YMCA for me thank you very much.)

Got the sh*t kicked out of you by the dude you walked in on that is f*cking your women.

Go to a game and get hit in the nuts by a foul ball by your old lady after it hit her in the face. (Thats one way to end things.)

Your out of weed and your dealer is in jail. ( Am on the hunt if anyone has anything.)

Speaking of offing your self am off to watch prono so in that.

Geting busted by your wife in he act of f*cking the living sh*t of her BBF.

You had sex for the first time in years but it was so bad that she is saying you raped her. AKA you get all trash and pull a Ben Roethlisberger.

Every chick in town thinks your gay because they seen you at karaoke night singing Taylor Swift songs.   (That happend to me a few times.)

You Just failed out of college an you still owe evey cent of your college loans. (This is why i never went to school.)

Or you could have my life where the only thing that keeps you going is the thoughts of death. As i slowly drink your self to grave.

You done sh*t your pants .


"Now where did i put that gun."


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