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February 02, 2011

Review of my day witnessing Chicago's 3rd worst snow fall.

At about 2pm, snow began to relentlessly fall on Chi-town.  Businesses were let out of work early and I went down to the bar before I tried getting on the train with a bunch of people who were freaking out like they've never seen snow before.  When I got on the train, a girl said to her friend, "Oh my God, it's like terrible out there!"  This sentence seemed to bring about courageous action from a nice young man who looked down, smiled as if he just thought of something clever to say, looked up at them and said "Yea, I heard they're calling it Snowmageddon!"  I smiled for a brief second as I was waiting for the embarrassment to ensue.  But the exact opposite happened.  They laughed.  They laughed as if they've never heard two words formed together to describe such an event.  Now I know it's frowned upon to hit women (and illegal), but I've never wanted to drop kid someone in their sternum in public more than these two girls for giving this kid the satisfaction of laughter.  I'm all about having a good time but that style of joke is mean't to make fun of yourself right after your say it, this kid was serious, like he invented it.  Just as I was looking down and considering suicide, it got worse.  The other girl that was laughing said "Hahaha, that's good! You should be a stand up comedian!"  

Fuck I was steaming.  I was so mad , my first thought at that time was that I would rather witness someone throwing a box of puppies off a high rise than have that kid get a recommendation to begin a career in stand up.  

We all say stupid shit from time to time.  But Please, Please!  Don't reward stupid jokes!  It's OK to let someone know that was the dumbest thing you've ever heard. If no one let comedians know which jokes not to tell, every comic would suck, or be Louie Anderson.