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August 31, 2008


Hangover #16,252 Edition


I just flew Alaska Air to Seattle because to do our Myspace Improv show http://www.myspace.com/myspacecomedy at the Bumbershoot Festival (http://www.bumbershoot.org/).


Alaska Airlines is as organized and efficient as an airline as you would think it would be from the state that literally built a bridge that leads to nowhere and is famous for its remarkable high rate of suicides. Security didn’t even check our bags. They were like, “You flying Alaskan? Even Terrorists won’t fly Alaskan Airlines. Get goin’! My friend, Chad Carter, told me that, much like the Eskimos have a 100 words for snow, Alaskan Airlines has over 100 words for “delay.” When I was a kid in the Go-Go 80’s, I was flying back from a choir trip in Paris (don’t beat me up) where there was a terrorist threat for all USA bound airplanes. These were simpler times when Terrorists would divert a plane to Lebanon or keep a flight grounded on the Tarmac for 10 hours, which is standard today if you’re flying JetBlue. I was relieved to see the Tom Cruise classic, Cocktail, playing as the in-flight movie and I knew then and there, Terrorists would not stay on the tarmac if a movie about Bartenders with a touch of flair is played on a constant loop. I hope the CIA is not reading this because I think I just gave them another torture idea. (P.s. I always wondered why Tom Cruise made Cocktail. I’m a hue fan of his and he is totally awesome, but why Cocktail? Was that literally the only script written that year? Was it because Andrew McCarthy had already sewn up the lead role in Mannequin? Was it the song Kokomo?) .


Check out this ad for the drug Requip that helps with Restless Leg Syndrome.


My Response to this ad:

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You gotta see the movie, “Withnail & I” with Richard E. Grant (L.A. Story & The Player) and Paul McGann (“Dr. Who” in the 90’s). It is written & directed by Bruce Robinson who wrote “The Killing Fields.” This movie seems to be the connective tissue between all of the really cool, hilarious people in my life. This is a movie where everyone who has seen it and meets someone totally cool (whatever that means to you) wants to recommend it only to find out that the person has already seen it and was just about to recommend it to them. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably cool and I think you would love this movie that you will quote passionately and laughingly in one of your “drunken moments of sincerity.” (Just quoted it.) Enjoy. Here’s a clip where Withnail really needs a drink…


Bush and Cheney are NOT speaking at the Republican National Convention because of Hurricane Gustav. Remember when that dude from Focus on the Family wanted people to pray for rain on the night of Obama’s acceptance speech in an open air stadium?

Well be careful what you wish for because now a real storm is a coming and it’s time for people to stop acting like douche bags and help these people out. Check out George Bush at FEMA. He looks like he’s a12 year old kid on a Sunday night proving to his parents that he did his homework. He says “Preparation” and “Prepared” like a million times, but he looks more scared than the people who are about to go through the storm. (Can't embed this one for some reason...



Enjoy your labor day!