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September 11, 2008


I started to leave a comment on Laurie's latest post, but it occurred to me it might be more appropriate to put in a posting of my own.  Especially as it really didn't have anything relevant to say in hers.

My best friend and I were walking along the local hike & bike trail one day a couple years ago.  Somehow the conversation had turned to the topic of tanning salons.  I asked my friend if he had ever been to one.  Alan was walking a little behind me.  He jogged a little to get in front of me, and laughing, said, "Mike, have you looked at me lately?" 

Alan is black.  I felt like such a fucking idiot. 

When I got home, I told my wife, and she tried to assure me that I wasn't a moron, and said, "Don't feel so foolish.  It just shows that you don't think of Alan in terms of color.  You just see him as your friend.  Period."

She's right, but I still felt pretty stupid.