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November 03, 2011

a crazy week of quick divorces, young baby daddies and of course it wouldn't be complete without Lindsay being sentenced to jail.

It’s not even the end of the week yet and there’s so much shocking news.  Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after only 72 days of marriage with Kris Humphries.

The most shocking part of this entire story is that Kim and her pimp Kris Jenner want us to believe that they didn’t profit from the wedding.   I guess it’s our job here at Celebrity Poop Culture to School the Kardashian’s.  People magazine paid them $2.5 million for the wedding pictures.  E! paid them $15 million for the four hour wedding special.  So if we do the math if there was no wedding, then there wouldn’t been any wedding pictures and  fans wouldn't had to suffer through a four hour "special" so Kim wouldn’t made any money; therefore, she profited from the wedding.

Other shocking news is that Justin Bieber supposedly got a 20 year old woman pregnant.   Now the timing of this leads me to believe that Kim Kardashian is responsible for leaking this story.  She’s trying to get all the attention off of her and it's working.  The woman, Mariah Yeater claims that Justin didn’t use a condom.  (following is a picture of Mariah Yeater, I'm sure the Belieber will threaten her on Facebook and Twitter for making these accusations against their man.)

The no condom seems to be a reoccurring theme.  The woman that alleges she cheated with Ashton Kutcher also says he didn’t use a condom.   But Ashton and his mistress is another story.   Why is it so surprising when famous rich men cheat?  They’re famous anybody would f*ck them even if they looked like Gollum.

Now if you told me that the homeless man on Hollywood and Vine was cheating then I’d be surprised because 1.) when did he get married and  2.) who the f*ck would f*ck that?

And I have to mention that Lindsay Lohan is in the news again and she’s been sentenced to 30 days in jail – again.  Lucky us she’ll be out of jail before her dad but she’s sure to be back in the slammer before her dad is released.