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April 23, 2010


Just a “Quicky” Capcon until FOD wakes up…
Judging by Rhiann0n

And now, the ENVELOPE Please.... RRRRrrip..

Oh my! This is so exciting ~ I'm judging!!! Well, I was going to implore the help of my crystal ball but Obi Wan Kenobi read my mind.
(note from KD, see how Obi and a Shield block the Avatars so the Judgement can be done impartially?!)

Here goes..
Just like my farting-turkey-giblets joke, these are the - Gross but, Funny caps:

drwho's - "Well you got me kid, I did shit those out this morning"

Ichronic's - "We're gonna need a bigger butt."

Kristi51's - "Wow dad I never knew you could get elephantitis in your cock."

Mental Picture Caps are very important, especially when one has ADHD ~ SQUIRREL! Thank you guys, I probably will not be able to sleep tonight:

Paulthezombie's - "How much wood could little Chuck suck if little Chuck could suck wood? (I'm probably going to hell for that one.)"

Jellybean13's - "Beavers just damage my wood but you boy, you know how to handle my wood just right."

theDIRTYmidget's - "That’ some fine wood-handlin’, there, Mark."

Now, for the count down – The Top 10 Captions are. . .

10. runsilentrundeep's - "Dad, what exactly is 'the burning man festival'?"

9. csymonz's - “Mizz Palin is the mysterious bag who holds that thar secret: MAVERICK...."

8. mervin79's - "You know why they called Rock Hudson,Rock, the same reason why they call me The Rifleman."

(note from Spydergirl - OMG! I actually know who Rock Hudson was!)

7. bubbalicious' - "Your momma needed two hands to hold my wood, too." "Pa, that's not funny."

6. Kristi51's - "Once you've finished sucking my dick you can kiss my ass, welcome to the world of work son."

5. phukuhp's - "thanks for the help son, now let's go find that  whore."

4. jitterbug's –

"1st reaction: Nostalgia for the "Rifleman" and the coolest opening ever, combined with my penchant for collecting comics at that time;
2nd reaction: it looks like pa sprouted some wood;
3rd reaction: how dirty my mind has become;
4th reaction: (after reading other posts,) how filthy minded all these fuckers are!

5th reaction: these are my kind of people."

3. gottadime's - "Lucas was relieved his son didn't bring home a faggot of sticks. Cause America was so innocent then..."

2. rockdanz's - "Aw, I'm not circumcised, that's all."

and my most favorite!:

1.  JEFFER's  - "Lets talk about TEX Baby, Lets talk about you and Me"



(Thanks Spydergirl, I think you did a FANTASTIC job – may you have Champagne Kisses and Caviar Dreams! And Thank You everyone for participating, please take a moment and let Spydergirl know how we appreciate her efforts!)



America was so innocent then...