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March 17, 2015

The issue of penis size debunked.

The Truth About Penis Size

By King Christopher

Porno movies should star men who have small penises. This would probably have more appeal to the average guy and make him feel more confident.Especially when it comes to couples who watch porn to spice things up. Instead, they make stuff that has the man watching feeling like he has to compete with some aggressive looking guy with a freak show penis.

Who wants a big penis?
Mostly gay men. The most popular sex toy among women is a small vibrator.

Too Hardcore
Nobody makes any porn where women are actually turned on and enjoying it.Most modern porn is abusive to women, which is probably the reason why most women are disgusted by it.

Worse at sex?
Men make the mistake of imitating what they see in porn. Porn is responsible for a lot of bad sex. It makes men worse in bed and then women want less sex. You can tell if a man watches a lot porn by the way he has sex.