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April 26, 2009


I used to live in Austin a city notorius for its homeless population. you see these people everywhere asking for chane, can you spare a buck, got a ciggerette? normally passing these people you have to wonder how they got there, is giving them money even gonna help. thats why i usually only give them cigs, i like to feture myself as a generous person and if i have 2 dollars and you need one ill never say no. but homeless people dont need a dollar for drugs they need a hot meal and a shower. but driving down 183 going to work one day well thats wrong i was headed to 183  from runberg on the access street and under 183 overpass i see a lady thats homeless holding a sign. she is weather beaten and sunburned and she on crutches with only one leg. as i get closer i could read her sign in bold black letters it clearly stated "on my last leg" I was laughing., no i was rolling but on the inside. as i pulled up i gave her a ten and half a pack of cigs. then we parted ways, i wonder what happened to her, if she ever proverbly got on her feet. id like to think so. sometimes i still laugh but on the inside