Chicago, Illnois (HAHAJK) – It’s a Saturday night and you want to take your family out, the only problem is that you will need to take out a second mortgage on your home to do it. Don’t even think about popcorn because your checking account doesn’t think it can help you with that one either.

Thanks to AMC, movie goers like these can afford to see a movie with a low APR loan

With ticket prices approaching $20 in some locations, AMC Theaters announced Thursday morning, in a press release, that they would begin extending small loans to individuals and families looking for a little entertainment.

The Newly appointed AMC-Loews Vice-President of Loans and Credit, Randy Martin, says that the credit extensions to movie goers will allow more people to afford to still be able to go see a screening of new blockbuster film and documentaries with reasonable interest rates and terms available.

“Who doesn’t want to take their family to a movie?” He asks. “Well with an AMC 3.9 percent APR interest rate on a 1 year movie ticket loan, you can not only enjoy the experience of watching a movie in a icy cold theater with hundreds of other people, but you can also afford snacks and beverages as well.”

Martin says with the 30-day grace period at the start of the loan, consumers will have a chance to save some money before they begin to pay back AMC for the opportunity to watch a movie in their theater.

“In this economy we feel that extending low interest loans to people already mired in debt is a good way to allow them to still feel like human beings that are providing for their family, even though we all know it is just an illusion. Currently we are prepared to allow each family up to 10 loans per year at a fixed interest rate of .9 -5.9 percent depending on their credit score, outstanding debts and financial history,” Martins says. “We can’t wait to see you at the movies!”

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