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October 26, 2011

I'm about to give you two "funny routines" you can use to make women laugh in ANY situation. 
I've used these routines to make literally hundreds of women giggle and laugh like young school girls.

And I mean ALL types of women. From college students, to strippers, to lawyers, 
to waitresses and even one famous Australian actress (and no, I'm not revealing who it was, so don't ask).

These "funny routines" will make 95% of women laugh. They may, at first, seem 'silly' to you. But I encourage you to go out and try them. You WILL be surprised.

And you ready to learn my two favorite "funny routines?"


This is one of my personal favorites :-)

(SIDE NOTE: I've never been to NYC. And I don't know how people from NYC shake hands. 
For all I know, new yorkers don't even shake hands, but choose to slap each other instead. 
Can someone confirm this for me? Thanks)

YOU: (going to shake her hand)

"Have you ever been to New York?"

HER: "No"

YOU: Ok I have a friend from New York, and she showed me how they shake hands over there. 
And it goes something like this ...

(Proceed to teach her a funny or ghetto handshake. It could be one you did with your buddies in High School or one your kid sister taught you. Either way, make it a long and ridiculous hand shake).

HER: "Hahah"

YOU: "Apparently, that's the hand shake you do if you're a gangster. Oooh I knew you were a thug!"

So why do I love this hand shake?

Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, it conveys that I have women in my life (it was a woman who taught me the hand shake). And secondly, it demonstrates that I'm a guy who doesn't take himself TOO seriously.


Ok here's another "funny routine" I love.

(SIDE NOTE: This one is not really a "routine" per say, but a fantastic way to respond to ANY 
woman who shows even the slightest bit of interest in you. Like touching your arm or complimenting you).

HER: "Hey, I like your jacket"

YOU: "Hey, I'm not that easy okay? You have to buy me expensive jewelry, Prada shoes and roses before I'll sleep with you. I'm not a piece of meat, I have feelings too!"

Try saying the above sentence with a Paris Hilton voice. The more dramatic and diva-like 
you sound - the more women are going to LAUGH.

In fact, women will think you are HILARIOUS!

Why? Firstly, because you are pretending to be a high-maintainace woman. And secondly, you're turning the tables and implying that she was the one hitting on YOU.

Pure comedy gold!

Go out there and give these routines a try. They've worked for me many times and I'm sure they'll work for you too :-)

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