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January 09, 2009


I thought I could stomach when the "History Channel" was playing the

week long series about the Seven Deadly Sins.    And then they started

quoting the Bible as if it were fact.    Now Nostradamus is in their radar

again regarding this whole 2012 end of the world Mayan calendar nonsense.    With a total

disregard for the variables implicitly involved within an interpretation they

rally their conjecture to produce nothing more than a fear dynamic that is

on par with any ongoing major religion (read cult).

If Nostradamus already predicted it then we're doomed no matter what right?

Think like a born again christian for a moment if you dare:   To relieve ourselves

of responsibility as a prime objective of self-preservation, (imagine the action

we'd take towards improving our planet's condition if  Mother Earth literally held

a gun to our head),  To put our fate in some higher hands,  to never take full

responsibility for our reality,   to drive our minivans with jesus stickers with total

disregard for others,  (who might not even be saved anyway so who the fuck cares?)

If there's anyone that could laugh hardest right now it'd probably be Nostradamus.

People,  like any other organism on the planet, usually follow the path of least resistance.

Procrastination is in our DNA.   We can pray to ourselves that 2009 will be the year of

reflection.    Our debt has come in to roost and this obsession with personal afterlife has

forced all of us to  consider a spiritual relocation of sorts:    Life is long.    If I hear one more

person say they don't have any regrets I'm going to lose it again.   All Sloth aside,

Obama can only do so much.    Take personal responsibility and positive action or

else nothing changes.    The nation America invaded doesn't believe in credit cards.

2012 will come.    Israel and Palestine will continue to play war.    Religion will persist.

And people seeking podiums will interpret other people's writings ad infinitum.    May fear of the unknown

no longer be an adequate requisite for religious inclusion.    2009 is the year of the defunct

collector.    Millions will default and never pay.    The ones left standing will get shafted

as a direct result of those bankrupted.   I'll never forget this one time I saw a brand new

black Ferrari 360 Modena with the license plate that read:   BCREATV.

Creative with money,  with paint,  with ideas,  education,  your time,  conservation,   whatever.

Each tiny moment we experience innately begs not only the question to be or not to be,

but also where and who we want to be.     Resolve to have more resolve.