Total_Recall.jpgNews from Hollywood today as a production executive involved with the upcoming "Total Recall" remake said in an interview, "It's one thing to remake a movie because you enjoy and admire it... it's another thing to remake a movie because the original was terrible and you're pretty sure that you couldn't fuck things up that badly." 


He then added, "This movie is newer, shinier, and a few minutes longer than the original, so it's guaranteed to be awesomer."  Colin Farrel, who plays "Quaid" in the remake said, "It's no easy task to lower the bar when you're already tripping over it... but that's why we do what we do." 


He went on to say, "And besides, movies are like, twice as much as they were back then so it's a much better deal for me and the studio." 


When asked it he had any creative input in the updated version, Farrel remarked, "I kept telling them that we could freshen the script up by having me stuck in a phone booth for the entire movie, but everybody said that's a ridiculous idea for a film and would be a giant mistake for everyone involved." 


He then spoke about the superiority of today's special effects compared to the era of the original release, saying "The effects are better, so... that should help."