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Published August 09, 2012
Talented Olympians.... Awkward Names. A Winning combination. I guess after all that female beating the pop star decided to "try his hand" at the Olympics.   Nothing like a brand new... um.     Butland: Must be a fun place to live.   Where are your manners woman?!   Ms. Titimets must have had a fun time in grade school.   There's really no comment needed.   Can't get Destiny's Child... Her Hooker will do.   That poor, poor b*tch   Um.... ow. She must be REAL fun in the bedroom.   I guess after the Cockburn came the Tancock.   So THATS where he's been!   Sounds like a pretty nasty VD dude.   I....Just....   Because seven nipples are better than 2.   Fanny competing in the breast stroke. Hm.   Obviously he didn't win anything.... because, well, Yoo Suk Kim!   Marshy Tits. Fun.   I don't even know where to begin.   And the song lives on forever.   By far the longest name I've ever seen. I don't even want to try and say it. I'd probably sh*t myself.   Better than minuscock.   Ali.... he need's his boob back.   Did they use Mr. Dick's mug shot?   Clearly... so very German. I guess it's better than his parent other option of Dirty Sanchez Sanchez.