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April 06, 2013

'The Hobbits' is the story of Hobbits VS Orcs plus clever wizards


Biscous! – That is kisses in french! Tehehe!


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This week I have seen the best movie I have ever seen: ‘The Hobbit – ‘An Unexpected Journey’. This is the story of Hobbits vs. Orcs. I have not stopped quivering since Witnessing! how inspiring.

movie fun two


The best bit is about how the young wizard is trying to learn potions, and he is 11, and he is trying to master the school of wizards, and he has an enemy who is Malfoy


and he is playing squidditch, and then he battles his nemesis Voldermort,


but he also has friends.,

warriorchickand they are young wizards too, angry ron

fantasy-art_00420219 and hangrid, who is a giant, and the three-headed dog. Gina Weasley.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 4.27.03 PM

Finally, the wizards and the dwarf convince the young hobbit to join them in an ‘UNEXPECTED JOURNEY!’, for treasures, but also glories. Will the immigrant dwarfs find home?

Hobbit i am reluctant





.'my precocioussssss!




?ßøø? ?¬¬¬ƒ?œ (Elf)





'True Courage is knowing not when to take a life but when to Spare one'

- Gandalf 'The Grey'

kicking orc butt!
Kicking orc butt!






The Lord of The Ring series is the most successful and only media ever created by New Zealand. It is widely considered to be the reason North and South Zealand ended their civil war, forming ‘New’ Zealand in 2003.

Auckland, 1998: A South Zealand gunner fastens his belt for battle

Well I guess you could say L.O.T.R. really put new Zeeland on the map!


promo-3         Although all original sets and these buildings have disappeared; you can live this stunning back drop of New Zeeland that is Middle Earth!

SetWidth996-5.5M            medieval


Most people agree that the Hobbit is easily the best movie ever made. But sadly, some ignorant people are spreading lies about the movie, for the purpose to gain themselves online fame. What shame! One such white devil is one who calls himself the ‘Simon Miranudo.’

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 4.02.16 PM

Well, Miaranudo, I give your review NO STARS. Ummm, did you even watch the film? This film is not about a murder-suicide pact! The dwarfs were trying to GET THEIR HOME BACK. Not slit their own throats!

Also, you admit to being ‘brought to tears.’ Can’t handle a little emotions, is it?

Maybe you should be careful i do not make YOU cry.

So I checked your facebook, Miraudo. I have to say it was not a good look!

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 3.07.02 PM

Drinking alone is the first sign of an alcoholic.

You’re nasty.

Wow Miraundo, wish i hadn't seen this








hobbits win!!

dont F*%$K with gandalf!

*** Fans of the movie should look at the book 'The Hobbit' by J R Tolkein, which is basically a 'behind the scenes' look at the making of the film and is jam packed with juicy gossips!

LOTR sound designer
" any person trying to say this is not the best movie , such as Simon Maraunda , is a nitwit. Simon Maraunda is a nitwit." - joy joseph