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October 24, 2011

O.K. it's coming. It's been pushing it's way through you for a few days now - so you know it's coming. What am I talking about? Well come on in - but seriously - do NOT forget to close the door behind you.

Maaaaan!!!! I just looooove to be constipated! That's right, mother-fucker. It's Nature's gift to MEN- is what it is. You know - teaching them about the Miracle-of-Birth, and everything. Sometimes, I'd be sitting there, feeling like a baby's HEAD is emerging out of my butt. So what you gon' do? Like every other baby - you drop'em, and you let'em swim - wherever the current takes them. Don't get me wrong, mother-fucker, I ain't never done flushed one of MY babies down the toilet. But, I mean, it's kinda hard to wash away something that came out of your own body! So goodbye little Baby-Turd! You WILL be remembered.