November 12, 2015: While awarding a Medal of Honor to former Army captain Florent Groberg, President Obama proclaims, “I am not the lead singer from Korn.” The sentence doesn’t come totally out of left field, since Korn frontman Jonathan Davis had visited Groberg in the hospital and it was a whole thing. Still, Obama said that he is not Jonathan Davis, and it made sense to believe him. But could it be that he was hiding something beneath his jovial, claims-not-to-be-in-the-American-nu-metal-band-Korn exterior?

Fast-forward to…

TODAY: In watching YouTuber Hudson Hongo’s found footage mashup “Obamathan Davis,” it is clear that Obama and Davis are actually one and the same. Just listen to POTUS’s voice as he melodically sings the Grammy Award–nominated “Freak On A Leash.” He is definitely Jonathan Davis! How we didn’t know this earlier is outrageous.