It wasn’t too long ago not many people had heard of Lil’ Bitch. The up-and-coming Minneapolis rapper was 21 years old, living in his mother’s basement, and hadn’t signed a record deal.

How things can change over two years.

Lil’ Bitch, whose real name is Benjamin Burwell, is now 23 years old, and has refused to sign a record deal.


Well, to be totally clear, he hasn’t been offered a record deal by anyone.

But still, the point is he hasn’t signed one, opting instead to remain an independent artist. Who knew that one young man could change the hip-hop game all by himself?

Talk about a mic drop.

Lil’ Bitch’s independent status has allowed his fans to stream his most popular songs, such as “Bitches, Hoes, and Sluts” and “Edibles and Codeine at the Same Time,” all for free, instead of having to buy them through traditional platforms.

…[He] is “doing him,” and on his terms.

To be completely up-front though, it’s hard to imagine anyone paying actual money for that stuff. And the idea of a record label signing him to a contract would be laughable if it wasn’t so offensive.

But talk about turning the entire music industry on its head! Make no mistake about it—Lil’ Bitch is “doing him,” and on his terms.

Also, just to make sure we’ve got all the facts on the table here, the guy still hasn’t broken 100 followers on his Soundcloud account, and still lives in his mother’s basement. Objectively speaking, things really aren’t looking very good for him.

One thing is clear though. This is Lil’ Bitch’s world, and we’re just living in it.