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December 26, 2011

A trip to the dentist takes a dark turn.

Dr. Silverman-  Okay, Sarah I'm going to need you to bite down on this for a few minutes so we can get a mold of your mouth.

Sarah - Got it.

Dr. Silverman - There we are.... So, shot out of a cannon if you could save one of your three kids from dying who would it be?

Sarah - Whaaa?

Dr. Silverman - Hey, keep biting down. You know what lets turn the table for a moment and put me in the hot seat. I would save Jason,  Logan and Stacey are absolutely wonderful kids whom i love and adore, but  they are no Jason.

Sarah - Mmmhhhm

Dr. Silverman - Huh, you know being a dentist is so mind numbingly boring and brain exercises in which a homicidal maniac comes into my home and forces me to pick one child or he kills all of them keeps my brain young an active, kind of how a sudoku puzzle does.... Dentists right?

Sarah - Yea haha

Dr. Silverman - Hey! keep biting down.