Take a minute and ponder what life would be like with this face on your back. 


If that vision filled you with happiness and wonder, seek help and consider hitting up this dude on ebay to hire him for your own custom Nicolas Cage "wearable art!" This piece is already SOLD, delivered with free shipping (!!!!!) AND in mint "looks good man" condition (!!!!!!!!!!!).



If you aren't mystified by Nic Cage face (like the rest of the internet) maybe just take a moment of silence to mourn Crystal Pepsi:

Forever a martyr, Crystal Pepsi died for our sinful, preservative-loving asses. On the third day, it rose again, descended into internet hell and is painted underneath a portrait of Nicolas Cage on the sweaty lower back region of the devil's jean jacket. Amen. 


Pics via ebayUproxx and Fierce & Nerdy