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August 21, 2017

Grew up in the 90's AND fluent in Italian? This list is for you!

Are you a 90’s kid? Are you fluent in Italian? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you’re in luck, because here are 7 Things Only 90’s Kids That Are Fluent In Italian Will Understand:

Campione D'incassi (Blockbuster)


If you grew up in the 90’s then you have to remember renting movies from the greatest place on Earth, Blockbuster. But unless you speak Italian, you don’t know that “Blockbuster” translates to “Campione D'incassi."Score one for the 90’s kids that are fluent in Italian!

Amici (Friends)


If you’re fluent in Italian, then you know that “amici” means “friends”. And if you grew up in the 90’s, you know Friends was the funniest TV show of all-time! Nineties’ kids that are fluent in Italian rock!

il Tamagotchi (Tamagotchi)


If you’re a 90’s kid, then you definitely remember taking care of your Tamagotchi! But if you’re not fluent in Italian, then you probably don’t know the Italian term, “il Tamagotchi”. Don’t you wish you were a 90’s kid that speaks Italian!

Dove nel Mondo è Carmen Sandiego? (Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?)


Dove nel Mondo è Carmen Sandiego? If you answered that with “en Venizia”, congratulations! You are a 90’s kid that’s fluent in Italian! Sorry, non-90’s kids that aren’t fluent in Italian! Sucks to be you!

Italia Immediato Messaggero (Italian Instant Messenger)


If you grew up chatting with AIM buddies, then you’re probably a 90’s kid! But if you don’t speak Italian, then you may not know that IIM, aka Italian Online Instant Messenger, is a thing. Aren’t you glad you are fluent in Italian AND grew up in the 90’s?

le Testate (Warheads)


Remember those dangerously sour candies called testate? No? Then either you aren’t a 90’s kid, or you aren’t fluent in Italian. That’s-a sour meatball!

Spruzzatore Gigante (Super Soakers)


There’s nothing more refreshing than a Spruzzatore Gigante fight in the dead of Agosto. In case you don’t speak Italian, that means a “super soaker” fight in the dead of “August”. If you needed the translation, I guess you aren’t fluent in Italian or a 90’s kid. Why did you even read this far?