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January 25, 2009


As I’ve done my tour in life. The escapade in Spain is the travel in my life that I consider as the journey for a lifetime. With its best destination, my world has conquered everything. I have a trip in one location packed with all the adventures and fun that nothing seems like in the world could compare.

San Sebastian beaches have its perfect sunshine that no one could ever had. hotel San Sebastian is the perfect location both for working activity and at the same time leisure. This hotel serves Tapas delicacies, which is the pride of Spanish people.

When it comes to architecture, Madrid would be the appropriate hosts in Spain. At Madrid hotel center (hotel centro Madrid), you could be amazed on modernize and stylish architecture that Spanish people had made.

With Barcelona known for the hotel bookings difficulty, due to those many tourists may come and go, is the place that could never be missed out in the land of Spain. For the best stay, choose 4-star hotel Barcelona  (hotel 4 strellas Barcelona), with all the facilities and staff ready to give the best service they could offer.

Spain is indeed a good host in terms of tourism. 

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