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September 08, 2015

Nicole Arbour is getting flack for fat shaming overweight people, but being an asshole is a side effect of being the World' Sexiest Comedian.

YouTube star Nicole Arbour put up a video on YouTube that’s gotten her lots and lots of critics. This happens sometimes when you’re a comedian or a public figure — people disagree with your art and what you’ve put out. Usually it’s smart to just keep your head to the ground and keep on grinding out work.

In this case, though, Arbour’s video,a six-minute vlog on how fat shaming isn’t a real thing and generally how fat people shouldn’t be a thing, was pretty much trash and not funny. It was very anti body pos (body neg?) and she’d definitely benefit from listening to her haters, who in this instance, are honorable truthers.

But before we all jump on the poor comedienne for being an asshole, we have to consider her perspective and where she’s coming from. Arbour was voted by some unknown committee and boasts the title of World’s Sexiest Comedian. That’s honestly a burden not many of us are really familiar with and the effects of being the sexiest comedian in the entire world aren’t always visible but can be hard to live with.

Holding such a title causes people to act like jackasses and to be prone to making ignorant comments about other people. It inflates their ego and it can have detrimental effects on their ability to be sympathetic for others who don’t have the means to buy into what society considers conventionally attractive.

Just imagine if you were awarded such a completely arbitrary title? Did you know when you have such a honor bestowed upon you and you decide it’s a real thing and promote yourself as such, you have no other option than to be a delusional egomaniac? It’s true. Even if you feel like being kind and don’t want to ridicule other people for how they look, you have to. Again, true and real.

So don’t be so harsh on Arbour and do not shame her for shaming fat people. She might have chosen the lifestyle of being a fake blonde vlogger who doesn’t write jokes but instead makes weird faces and relies 100% on editing to come across as funny, but she didn’t choose to be the sexiest comedian to grace this globe we live on. That was an award she won, she says.

Do you even know how hard it is to make silly faces when your face is so naturally sexy? She may be the hardest working comedian making videos on her computer and posting them to YouTube, but you’d never know that if you don’t give her perfect, sexy, comedy a chance.