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November 20, 2017

Little things need some appreciation too, here is a list of things we take for granted in our everyday life

Things To Be Grateful For

1. Two-Ply Toilet Paper - Your butt is a sensitive area and needs to be taken cared off, because it does an important job and only the best will do.

2. Cat Videos - Nothing helps beat depression better than watching funny cat videos while curled up in a ball crying, they are not only entertaining you but also helping you live a better life.

3. An Open Bar - Who doesn’t love an open bar?, where you can drink like no ones watching ,lose your pride and find yourself trying to milk a horse.

4. Online Shopping - Now you can make those risky purchases without anyone knowing, like buying a zombie survival kit and no one will think you’re a psycho.

5. Spell Check - It can be embarrassing when you mistakenly type something that you weren’t supposed too.

'Oh look its a camel toe!“
i meant ’‘Mistletoe”