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Who's There ( A horror about two sisters Jackie ( FLO) and Janet Lawson ( Orbit Girl). They are going back home to there now dead parents home where they grow up with there two younger brothers Jake and James the twins. There parents Jim and Terrie Lawson where found in the Hiland Lake in the middle of the winter out in Hell Michigan where there all from. They drowned to death when ice fishing one day or so there told anyways by there Godfater. So they go home to the old farm house to find there parents will. So they can setup the Funeral for them. But what they come back to is a killer inside the house who has killed there brothers by way of cutting there heads off and hanging them on the wall. So now the kill is after them you see. So they must team up to kill the killer before it's to late for them both you see. An the killer turns out to there Godfather there Dad's x vietnam buddie Eddie Moon who has lost his mind after years of flash backs that lead up to him snaping out and doing what his doing to the people who he loves. ( we show the f*cked up flash backs as well.). And in the end all 3 of them die when Eddie blows up the house. The END.)

Just Click Here Already ( Staring Farris Patton ( Orbit Girl ) as Pippa Pippen and Stphaine Courtney ( FLO ) as Heather Farris. So this little R rated flick is a comedy movie about two single women living in L.A as actresses doing t.v ads for a living and living together, starting up a new web page called "MyFace". An MyFace is twitter, facebook, Myspace, Google + and Craiglist all rolled into one. An these ladies in there free time when there not doing t.v ads or picking up dudes from the bar and sleeping off there hangovers. There working together on this MyFace thing as total independents on this idea. Yep just the two of them trying to bank on somthing hot. So they talk Orbit Gum and Progressive insurance to give them there start up money for MyFace. An guess what they have to pay back before the end of the year. So this idea better work of there both out of a job and there going to jail. So yeah they both lose there jobs and there in jail when the MyFace gets off the ground and after a few weeks in jail the MyFace becomes the biggest thing ever so suck it world these b*tches are rich! An then after all that they fall in love with each other. The END. ) 


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