This weekend, SNL came back with a new episode for the first time in quite a while. For a minute, I thought this Dakota Johnson episode was the first regular episode of 2015, but then I remembered the Kevin Hart one from a billion years ago was also from this year, which just goes to show exactly how quite this while has been. It’s March already! This year’s going by fast, which means there’s really no time to be wasting writing intros any longer than this one.

Which brings us to … here are some noteworthy SNL sketches from this week:

After its Oscar win, Birdman finally got the SNL treatment, which some would say is the REAL award that all modern movies are vying for. Big ups to everyone involved.

Some news outlets called this next commercial parody a “controversial spoof” which are words that technically can go together like that but still look funny and also sound funny if you say them, one after the other, out loud. “Controversial" sounds very serious while “spoof" sounds totally silly. What a couple of mismatched words these are!

This episode’s musical/digital short was great, partially because this Sara Bareilles song is the best, especially that time it was a duet with Carole King, and no I am NOT controversially spoofing you — that really happened. But mostly it’s great because of all this sketch has to offer: a positive message, a sweet song, and some nice opportunities for you, the audience, to let out a laugh or two.

On “Weekend Update,” Jay Pharoah expanded Kanye’s apology tweet to Beck into a new song called “The Greatest Apology Of All Time.” With it, we get a deeper look into the mythology of Kanye, like how he controls the weather.

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