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December 10, 2008


I am beginning a new blog which, when finished, will be an encyclopedia of "the world of Men."


In the year 2893, a distant human colony is the last to be obliterated by a plague, particularly virulent in nature.  The sole survivor of the human race, a scientist, cloned himself, and created a thriving colony.  The virus was not only deadly to humans, but to most animal life forms, leaving the planet nearly barren.

Over millions of years, the inhabitants, clones of the original scientist, evolved into a myriad of lifeforms.  By 200 million years in the future, the entire world was thriving with life, all descended from the one scientist.  Despite this precarious genetic situation, so many organisms so closely related by ancestry, by 200 million years AD, speciation, mutation, evolution, and so on, have produced numerous, independent, and genetically diverse genuses of man-likes. 

This encyclopedia will discuss these man-likes, starting tomorrow.

Part 1 will be "the crowd mantis"