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June 17, 2008


Remix justere mine viser to any Lejlighed, and Precise transferred with spise want. Stripper-Mik is the Perfekte election when du has polterabend, da Piger Natten or for birthsday pige, which has need for a Sexet overraskelse. Viser involve lapdance, fre Krop tequila, fuld monty (completely nøgen) ... and much blotte. Kun Fantasien Sætter borders. En usually strip show goods approximately 30-40 minutes.

Prov this mandlig stripper, where it always is Pigerne, der draws linjens ... du beslutter grave for the number of kroppens tequila ... and on what del of Kroppen, it should be Serveres.

style = "color: # b85b5a"> TRIPPERS MIK  driver and EJES of the Danish stripper Mikael Christiansen. Remix has Lavet this strimmel websted for being able to tilbyde mandlige strimmel to overkommelige Prizes. Remix can tilbyde striptease at the very low enterprises because that is independent and has not agenter or other administrative expenses ... and on same time, that garanterer hot and Sexet strip show for your fulde tilfredshed.

Which You can se i Galleriet Remix is ??a very velproportioneret spørgsel, der in addition to the et regelmæssigt foundation. Mine målinger is:

Bryst 125 cm - Affald 58 cm - Arms 40 cm - Legs 60 cm

Remix is ??a very dygtig and erfaren stripper, der has been Branchen several years. Bortset from striptease Remix Danser for keep the developing mine strip show - Remix has actually vundet en Medalje jeg vise dans. Min hovedinteresse within dans is street dance, funk, break dance and show dans.

Husk på Stripper-Mik is an porno-model, which has Handlet i pornofilm ... He was "opdaget" af Roland FRA Erotikmodel. There are larmen Garanti for, at du would experience a very Varm and Sexet strip show

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