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March 31, 2009


First you have to keep up with the Jones'; heck some guy on the oldies station is still watching them. Evidentally Mrs. Jones is a real hussy; because they "have a thing going on," then all of a sudden you have to keep up with the Kardashians and worry about Kim's ass. Now there's yet another group the rest of America has to keep up with, it's the Gottliebs.
Let me explain, last Friday afternoon I tryed to go to this theatre in Columbia's downtown area to see "che," actually to see Benicio del Torre, born on the same day as me (hoping to justify my artistic abilities in some small way) when I realize that all there is is meter parking. So I go into the tiny indie type theatre to complain and the guy at the ticket booth says" a small inconvenience." Huh? Living here is a small inconvenience for a comedian. Anyway I decide to return on Saturday when you do not have to pay to park, since the movie is about five hours long and the meter runs out after one hour.
"che" has been replaced by the "Jewish film festival!" I yell at the same guy "there are only 2and 1/2 Jews in Columbia! I would be the half and it's Saturday which means the other two are in temple, turkey now where's Benicio?" So turkey man says"well, ma'am we do have to keep up." "With whom,the Gottlieb's?"