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Published April 01, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published April 01, 2009
THIS WOULD BE MY STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHAT DO YOU FEEL... CAPTION TO ME.WINNERS:THANK YOU DR. WHO , WHO FILLED IN FOR STRO, HE SEZ...Honorable Mentions:The Looniest goes to buttermilk: Ron Jeremy films a remake of the cartoon "Pepe le Pube"Hystorical goes to Gerhardquffaw: Napoleon BonerpartakingDrama goes to Dorin: "A Streetgang Named Desire".Timothy Leary goes to thedotrat: Who spiked drinking water experiment, with E.Bronze goes to Gerhardquffaw: AIG executives enjoying their bonuses in Paris. (or is that boners?)Silver goes to buttermilk: Hey! I thought this was supposed to be GAY Paree! (yes another one from butters)Gold goes to lizardladyfla: They must be American women,their legs are shaved. (that cuts right to it.)