We all know cable news media is a constant lying machine careening through time at a break neck pace that will soon sweep us all up and spell humanity’s inevitable doom, right? We all know that and accept it when we watch news on TV. But while we wait for the doom, it’s great to see them get all snippy and worked up at each other which, surprise! surprise! is something Fox News and The Daily Show are doing again.

At this point in The Daily Show’s history, the relationship between Jon Stewart and Fox News is closer to that of a brother and sister complaining to their parents about who hit who first than competing institutions of news television, but it’s still fun for some reason. Maybe because Fox News is so clearly a bunch of dumb old bald fat heads that are easy to take down and watching the take down doesn’t take much mental energy after a long day working in the coal mines (which is what we all do for a living).

On the Daily Show last night Jon Stewart played a clip of a blonde Fox News host saying that he lies a lot on the Daily Show. Stewart responded at first very directly by playing a Vine that shows 50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds. It’s a fun little toy to play around with, stopping on one and seeing the insane crap that “newspeople” have actually said to little or no repercussion.

My favorite: “In 2013, more children died drowning in bathtubs than were killed accidentally by guns.” That’s something someone said on the NEWS!

Stewart followed up by throwing down an official “Lie-Off” challenge, simulated white-glove face-slap and all, to Fox News. The rules of a “lie-off” he left vague, though. I’m picturing Stewart and Sean Hannity face to face shouting the most wacky lies they can come up with into each other’s face, spittle and all, until one of them needs a cigarette.

Stewart went on to rant about the Republican party’s insistence on attacking liberal bias without any evidence and challenged Fox News to find one instance of his show ever lying. He followed that up with a very pointed rant on Republican dishonesty and insistence on not giving an inch to anything they consider “liberal”. The whole rant is worth a watch below.

And while you’re at it you might as well watch his fantastic interview with one of the funniest men to ever live, Conan O'Brien.