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July 17, 2015

Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger when he caught his wedding ring on the side of a table. To make himself feel a bit better he had viewers send in their dumb injuries so we could all be grossed out and laugh.

Jimmy Fallon recently almost lost his finger because of something called ring avulsion, which is basically where your ring, commonly your wedding ring, gets caught on or in the way of something and can rip your finger off. (We apologize if you were eating breakfast.)
Fallon’s finger was luckily saved thanks to a very skilled surgeon and now the late night host is sporting a not-so-stylish cast. Last night on his show he shared viewers’ dumb injuries who tweeted into the show, probably in hopes to make himself feel better.

Judd Apatow even popped in at the end to make Fallon feel more ridiculous but also more useful for his little mishap.