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August 18, 2017

100% of the profits AND revenue go toward ending racism!

The events in Charlottesville this past weekend were a grim reminder of how much racism still exists in our country.

After Barack Obama’s election in 2008, the fallacy of a “post-racial society” was born, and clearly, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We still have both overt and subtly engrained racism in this nation, and the only way we’re going to end it—or at least make significant strides in reducing it—is talking about it. And a good first step is buying my “FUCK RACISM” t-shirts for $14.99.

Think about all the advantages to wearing these t-shirts. Not only will it let everyone know that you’re not racist, of course, but it will also be a great impetus for meaningful discussion with the people you encounter. So literally 100% of the profits AND revenue go toward ending racism!

100% of the profits AND revenue go toward ending racism!

If you go to my website, you can buy the t-shirts for the reasonable price of $14.99 apiece. They’re made out of a comfortable pre-shrunk cotton blend, come in both men’s and women’s fits, and many different colors. There’s also a standard $7.95 ground shipping charge, and slightly more for rushed shipping if you want to get yours at this important time.

And since it is a hot-button issue right now, I’m actually running a special which is allowing this reduced price. Usually the t-shirts sell for $19.99, so take advantage of the 25%-off limited time offer.

You can also save by buying in bulk. If you buy three t-shirts, you get a fourth free! If there’s ever a perfect time to get matching t-shirts for you and your crew, it’s right now. So head on over to my site.

Most people think there’s nothing we can do to stop racism. Well, call me a hopeless optimist, but I happen to disagree. I think we can stop it, but only once we have an open and honest dialogue, started by my “FUCK RACISM” t-shirts for $14.99.

You know what? Let’s get the whole damn country in these t-shirts and prove those people wrong. We can do this, you guys!