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May 11, 2016

If you missed the latest episode of your favorite mash up reality show "Keeping the Osbournes Up With the Kardashians" catch up here. We cover all the latest drama ifThe Osbournes lived in the world of The Kardashians.

Kim comes to smooth things over while Sharon and Ozzy sit outside on the patio and try to enjoy the morning. The Kardashian sisters plan to confront their former stepfather Ozzy, and he doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it.

Jack takes this opportunity to bring his drum set out and start splaying.

Khloe asks why Sharon found a bit of turd stuck to Minnie’s fur and Kelly wailed. Kim tells her she would have to talk to Kelly and Jack about that, and Khloe says she doesn’t want to.

Ozzy is busy with his artwork out on the patio listening to classical music. Khloe says that he should live his life and do his thing while Ozzy is heading upstairs when he notices one of the cats is missing.

Scott tells Khloe that he is a good guy. Ozzy decides to check in the yard and Khloe tells him that she is going to go to a basketball game with Kendall, and Jack stops by Courtney Love’s house.

Kris says in confessional that she’s worried how everyone will react to him coming. While Courtney gets her hair done she rambles to Jack about playing Lady Mac Beth. Later, when Kris is getting her hair done, Khloe tries to get her to admit Ozzy’s working on a new song and asks Sharon to read through the lyrics.

While at a restaurant with Kim and Khloe, Kourtney receives a phone call and Ozzy tells her that he’s met her brother a few times and thinks he’s cool. Kim talks to Kourtney and tells her that she feels like Sharon is out doing a little shopping when Ozzy calls her to go over the lyrics again.

Caitlyn visits Khloe with a purse and pair of sunglasses. Sharon stops Jack in the hallway before he leaves and asks to see them. Before he takes his shirt off, he says that it was just out of love,right when he got the news about her cancer. Caitlyn says she’s sick of hiding it.

There is some kind of friction between Kelly and Christina Aguilera. Kourtney says she will just focus on herself and her children. She says the only thing that’s been hard is that when she wakes up she feels sick. Ozzy is lead to another room and waits for the dentist.

Later, Sharon and Ozzy sit in bed watching Nelly & Justin perform “It’s getting hot in here” on Access Hollywood.

Caitlyn is happy and Kris is happy but by the next morning Caitlyn has refused to talk to either Kendall or Kylie because Kelly goes downstairs to bitch to Sharon about Jack and he comes sneaking in to eavesdrop.

Ozzy leaves Sharon.

Another great episode of everyone’s favorite reality show celebrity family!