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November 17, 2014

New lighting has revealed never before seen images of how the Sistine Chapel was intended to look.

The Sistine Chapel is installing a new LED light system that will finally let visitors see Michelangelo’s ceiling masterpiece in stunning new detail.

Use the scroller tool on the paintings below to reveal the before/after of the images the way they were always meant to be seen.

The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Vegetation

Originally obscured by dust and debris, we can now see that God is depicted walking the dog.

Prophet Daniel

Once a great mystery, we can now see that this Angel was propping up a MAD magazine to read on that little naked cherub.

Dividing Water From Heaven

It is now clear Michelangelo intended to portray God as a crowd surfing metal head.

The Deluge Michelangelo

Evidently Michelangelo himself was a big fan of the HBO series “The Leftovers.”

The Creation of Adam

The faint outline of Michelangelo trying out several different penis sizes for Adam can be now made out with the assistance of the new lighting.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1

The new lights also reveal several previously unseen figures.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling 2

The LED lights will also be able to go into “Party Mode”.