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January 14, 2017

In a Seth Meyer's style rant, we discuss the two extremes of the food spectrum. From the crazy junk food fads to the peculiar health food crazes.

Extreme Food Rant

Thanks to modern day appetites of the Millennials and not to forget the South we are introduced deep fried foods, such as the deep fried twinkle, fried Oreo and of course I am talking about Burger King’s new dish the deep fried Cheeto stuffed macaroni and cheese.
So teeth are not the only thing that is going to hell but so is our waist lines. Now the question, is the alternative just as bad? I have just three words to say, organic salad juice. The spectrum of the health food nuts are just as extreme, with their raw food diets, chia seeds on your salads, which should just help grow your chia pet . moderation is the key to avoid these extremes but that does not mean you can occasionally bite of some sort of food you love that your body hates such as the candy of your dreams. We’ll be right back after I indulged on these Reecee Pieces