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March 24, 2016

This week's viral vids include exploding fruit, an unfortunate fall and a women who straight up disappears.

It was important that this week’s viral videos got off to a strong start.

Race To The Start

This unfortunate faceplant has been everywhere this week and remixed nearly a billion memes, but ironically, the original video still stands up on its own.

Da Fuq?

Want to watch a woman just straight up disappear on live TV? Go right ahead. Want to try and tell us that this is just an optical illusion and she’s probably just behind that other person with the cart? Go fuck yourself.

Water You Doing?

We’ve all seen videos of people wrapping watermelons in rubber bands until they explode under the pressure. But until now, we’ve never seen any that were so … indoors.

Cut To The Chase

Following a high speed chase, a driver talks to the news and holds nothing back, including what he’s holding. Feel free to let this thrill ride escalate, or you can just skip straight to the 0:45 second mark for all the good stuff.

Full Court Press Conference

A reporter asks Baylor’s Taurean Prince how his team got out-rebounded by Yale last week and, not surprisingly, gets the exact answer his question deserved.