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September 01, 2015

Area Woman Makes Good By Photoshopping Together Two Separate Things The Internet Loves Separately.

A Star Wars-obsessed Tumblr user named Lindsay has taken screencaps from her favorite film franchise and, with very few Photoshop skills, combined them with classic Onion headlines to create something we never knew we needed, but most almost certainly deserve.

Knowing how much the internet loves both its Star Wars and its The Onion, we’re not sure how a post like this hasn’t already taken down the Tumblr servers. You know what? We actually had to go run some errands this afternoon and were offline for a bit, so, who knows, maybe it did. Either way, good to see everything’s back up and running.

Not many ideas can speak simultaneously to nerds, comedy nerds, and people who hate Hayden Christensen, so here’s hoping Disney finds room for an attraction similar to this in one of its new Star Wars–themed parks. All of these are good. Very good.

Good, right?

Star Wars Onion awkward family.png

Very good.

Star Wars Onion gay bar.png

Ooh, this one’s good, too.

Star Wars Onion Dad Parent.png

So good.

Star Wars Onion funeral.png

V good.

Star Wars Onion enabler.png

Ha! Good.

Star Wars Onion hard work.png

Makes you think, “Good.”

Star Wars Onion job.png

Goodest one yet.

Star Wars Onion Prison.png

Be sure to check out the rest of these on Lindsey’s Tumblr, Skygawker. You can very easily find the first few batches of these posts HERE, HERE and, if you’re a Clone Wars fan, HERE.

h/t Uproxx