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August 26, 2017

Your spouse may be faithful within the waking life, but what about in the dreamscape?

There are tons of resources offering potential warming signs of cheating spouses in the waking life, but what about in their dream state? Our dreams are perhaps the greatest link to our true desires, so your spouse’s fidelity is equally if not more important in their subconscious. While the signs of cheating are all too clear in walking and talking spouses, the indicators within their dreamscape differ slightly. Here are five potential signs that your spouse may not be as faithful as they say.

#1 They Start Dressing Better For Bed


When awake, your spouse deciding to start dressing better may signal an effort to increase their desirability, and this policy is no different in dreams. If you notice them switching out their classic nightwear for a more formal look or possibly even using a new cologne or aftershave right before bed, you may have cause for worry.

#2 They Lie To You About Where They Were In Their Dreams


Your spouse lying about details of their life will send off alarm bells for even the most reasonable person. Lying about dreams and the details within them serves as just as strong of an indicator. When they tell you they were back in college with three childhood pets, but can’t recall specifics like what they were looking for or which of the pets were able to speak, it may be time to investigate further.

#3 They Keep Taking Cat Naps, Especially After Fights


Have you found your fights ending quicker because your spouse is consistently rushing off into the other room, laying down in a huff, and angrily trying to sleep while potentially muttering, “I’ll show them”? This may mean they’ve found someone else to lean on, and they’re out searching for them within the dream realm.

#4 They Won’t Communicate With You (Stonewalling)


One of the clearest indicators of infidelity, stonewalling (refusal to communicate or cooperate) while dreaming shows that they’re disinterested in working with you to fix a problem. Whether defensive or out of anger, stonewalling while asleep is perhaps the quickest way to ruin a relationship.

#5 They Consistently Make Sex Noises & Say a Specific Person’s Name In Their Sleep


If you’re still on the fence about your spouse’s faithfulness, this final sign may be the nail in the coffin. Grunts, moans, and even clear statements like, “Oh yeah, that’s it Tracy, now we’re having sex,"are the most telling signs of cheating. While they once snored, flinched and muttered vague statements that suggest they’re running from someone, they’re now specifically saying Tracy and stating specific sexual desires they have towards her.