Well, this is it you guys — The Colbert Report aired its final episode yesterday. At last, the show took a cue from all the websites making “best of The Colbert Report” lists these past couple of weeks and decided to close its doors. This is really our own fault for making those lists, one of which you can read right here if you’re looking for a nice, grade-A list.

Colbert closed the show by singing “We’ll Meet Again” from Dr. Strangelove with approximately every celebrity. The song is lovely but for some reason everyone keeps clapping over it! It’s almost as if they don’t realize that their applause makes it harder for those watching at home to hear the nuances of Bill DeBlasio, Cyndi Lauper, multiple generations of Star Wars filmmakers, and Big Bird–holding-hands-with-the-cast-of-The Newsroom‘s angelic voices! Still, it’s a good thing to watch, and no, I’m not crying about this show being over.

But, wait, also! After the song, Colbert woke up from a sleepy sleigh ride, made a speech that was very endearing but put TONS of pressure on Mavis Staples, and turned it back over to Jon Stewart for a very sweet “Moment of Zen.” No, I’m still not crying — stop saying that! If anyone’s crying, YOU’RE the one that’s crying!