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June 09, 2014

7 subjects to avoid writing a status about.

7 Things You Should Not Tell Me Via Facebook

Facebook used to be a place where I could find out where classmates were going to college or where my mom could “see” what I was up to, she of course was on limited profile. Now it’s a place where people pretending to work post articles like “15 Celebrities Who Dropped off the Earth”, which I read, or a reminder that I’m not engaged. With all the personal sharing that goes on, here are 7 things you shouldn’t tell me via Facebook.

One. You’re in jail. I think I’m more shocked that you get wi-fi and can keep your iPhone in jail than I am over the fact that you’re in jail. Thanks for the update though, I’ll be sure to stay as far away from you as possible in the next 3-5 months. Also “good behavior”? What a joke, maybe if you knew what that was in the beginning you wouldn’t currently be LOCKED UP!


Two. You’re in rehab. Again, why do you have internet access, aren’t you in there to kick your drug habit or stop punching walls? I feel like you shouldn’t go to Facebook to vent about how boring rehab is or let everyone know how well you’re doing. That’s great that you’ve been addressing your issues for 48 hours, but maybe update me after 30 days.

Three. You’re single. Although I loved reading the 20 paragraph novel detailing the “lies” and “eye opening” details of your previous relationship, I no longer care what a terrible person your ex is. I understand he’s out of your life by your Facebook status, 300 deleted pictures and your lack of weekly updates on your surprise trip to the pumpkin patch with “honey boo”.

Four. You got drunk last night. Unless you’re 13 or my great aunt, I don’t care. If you were either of the two, I’m a little concerned with your life choices. Come Saturday morning you don’t need to detail your hangover, I get it, you’re fun and living life. I probably saw you out last night. So just pop an Advil or two and read a book. It will be good for you.

Five. Political rants. While I enjoy a good political train wreck as much as the next person, your rant about Obama and the Affordable Care Act makes you sound slightly less educated than the average West Virginian and don’t get me started on the comments section. If you don’t agree with something, I have no problem with you posting something on Facebook, just keep it short and sweet. Also let’s all remember that House of Cards is a fictional show. Frank Underwood is not a real person and it’s very unlikely any politician could achieve the presidency that way.

Six. Stop telling me what you had for lunch. Corn on the cob and BBQ chicken are almost always delicious. If they were absolutely disgusting then you should post about it. Same goes for sports. I don’t care that you watched the Kings game alone. I don’t even know who the Kings are.

Seven. Last but not least, STOP posting about Game of Thrones. My Facebook on a Sunday night is an emotional roller coaster of disgust, sadness and shock. I don’t know who Natalie Dormer’s character is, but I know that the Red and Purple wedding was a very traumatic time for people with HBO subscriptions.