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October 27, 2017

Hollywood industry faced many ups and downs in every decade.Since 16th-century Hollywood changed every field of life but on the back side, there are uncountable facts which never we try to know.

Origins of the Harrowing Personality

Harvey Weinstein; a titan that reigned supreme on Hollywood for decades, disgraced by inexplicable acts of sexual abuse both in severity and sheer magnitude, has unrevealed himself like a twisted character from one of his movies that defies logic and gives the word gruesome a new meaning and face. Born in 1952 Weinstein co-founded Miramax with his brother Bob Weinstein producing cult classics like Pulp Fiction that garnered him acclaim and awards hoisting him to the pantheon of filmmaking and direction. The man was hero-worshipped in the industry for his supposed recipe that could turn a movie into a blockbuster and a regular John Doe into a household name. He basked in the glory that his profession and status brought him while quietly preying on young and aspiring actresses shielded by the façade put up by his fame and wealth. Anyone who tried to speak up was immediately paid out or intimidated by his entourage of lawyers and cheap accountants.

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Friends in High Places

Weinstein through his contacts in the upper echelons of society slowly but gradually got so influential that his role as a democrat paved way for successfully fundraises, endorsements and donations for the democrat party in the united states. His connections were not only limited to the big hitters of his field but he had also made friends who could provide an exit strategy if things stopped looking so good for him. He plotted his moves as if he knew that he will inevitably be caught out by some whistleblower so in anticipation of the worst-case scenario had his people in all the right places. Since the year 2000, he has made significant donations to the democrat party and hosted fundraisers for the likes of President Obama at one his private multi-million-dollar mansions. His close companions describe him as a non-serious individual especially as far as politics is concerned but his allegiance to the political party and strong endorsements of the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Shoomer prove otherwise forcing to question an ulterior motive.

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Forming of Cracks Within

Now that Weinstein’s heinous crimes have been uncovered, they have eclipsed his sketchy past that has although made headlines but with much-appreciated help from his friends in high places has very cleverly been slipped under the carpet. Weinstein’s pseudo-liberal lifestyle has time and time again surfaced through leaked recordings and “locker room banter” quite often, these opinions of his have unceremoniously resulted in public backlashes and fallouts with his colleagues and companions of the field. His views and ideas seem even more hypocritical when the donations he collects in the name of supposed addressing of volatile topics that affect us as a society are considered. His charitable organizations which were although set up to uphold what’s right and differentiate it from the wrong, have been involved in a number of counts of frauds and embezzlements that he has blamed his brother and business partner Bob Weinstein and his team for their incompetence.

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The Exploitation of Power

Harvey Weinstein wielded his influence to get out of lawsuits by dubbing his own people as fraudulent and his financial team as cheap accountants. Everyone was replaceable and anyone could be expandable. His antics, however, failed him when the American Foundation for Aids Research (amfAR) fiasco raised its head. The organization previously mentioned was set up to do groundbreaking research in the medical field and its two major stakeholders were Harvey Weinstein and the clothing designer Kenneth Cole, the latter serving as the non-executive chairman of the organization for over a decade. Apparently, the organization was embroiled in an internal scandal whereby the exact details of a financial transaction were not fully disclosed. The two major stakeholders had agreed on dividing the proceeds of a charity auction at the 2015 Cannes festival. The $600,000-dollar amount that Weinstein was supposed to fork out from his share would later go towards American Repertory Theater (ART) for the trial staging run of the musical “Finding Neverland”. The clauses of the agreement, however, went against the IRS rules whereby an individual is not supposed to regulate charitable funds without the terms being agreed upon with ALL of the stakeholders involved. This cued lengthy investigations into the accounts and transactions of both Weinstein and (amfAR). At the same time, the legal team investigating the case were being tipped by misconduct and sexual harassment charges soon to be brought up against Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein, seeing that this case’s proceedings would lead him to a very dark place decided the best way to tackle it was an onslaught of mudslinging in the direction of the legal team. Weinstein would even as much as sue his own people that he thought had turned against him and blackmailed them into signing non-disclosure agreements to safeguard his own opinions and views. He successfully manipulated his way by persuading IRS into binning the reports summed up by the legal team and insisted that a new independent legal team; Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher work on the case. Although no relations between the independent legal team and Weinstein were ever proven, the charges were subsequently dropped


Not so Conflicting Personalities

Even the events that led up to the formation of his own production company Miramax have been questioned and delved deep into. Apparently, Steve Bannon; a man is known for being the right-hand man to Donald Trump and having extremely confrontational views helped Weinstein in finding investors for his company. Bannon’s contacts with Goldman Sachs meant Weinstein got significant backing and distribution rights on the investor’s rosters. The deal, however, was short-lived as a conflict of interest between the investor’s own companies developed resulting in lawsuits that Weinstein and his company somehow managed to escape unscathed. Although Weinstein’s rhetoric of the world against him has gathered momentum with every step he has taken, his conflicting personality has put his legacy in jeopardy. The new round of sexual harassment cases has jolted the entire world to an extent where neither his “cheap accountants”, nor his “incompetent legal team” can take the blame for.