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September 15, 2014

What regular women can learn from strippers.

What Regular Women Can Learn From Strippers By King Christopher

Strippers are often looked down on by people, but wether you’re disgusted by them or not, there’s certain things that regular women can learn from exotic dancers.

Hygiene: Strippers know how to smell good. The average woman isn’t as clean as you think, I have heard several women say they don’t shower everyday.A good smell can make a plain, average woman seem a lot hotter.

The Bedroom: Strippers professionally tease men. If regular wives and girlfriends put more effort into this, then they could spice things up in the bedroom without doing something weird.

Why Men Go: Dancers know how to make a guy feel like a stud. They act interested in what he has to say. Basically, men are paying to get the kind of attention they don’t get from regular women.

Exercise: It takes a lot of energy and flexibility to be a dancer. In fact, it’s now being considered as an Olympic sport.

The Hustle : Some strippers can get a man to spend $10,000 just to party with her for one night! If regular women could somehow apply a similar hustle, then they could get a lot more from men.

Women should forget about any sex advice from beauty magazines and stop in the local topless bar instead. And men should keep in mind that it’s only entertainment! Dancers are just trying to make a living. If anything,there should be a day that honors strippers.Without strippers,men would be 10 times crazier if they had to rely only on regular women for affection.