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September 10, 2015

An Italian reporter asked Serena Williams why she wasn't smiling or laughing and she told him exactly why.

La-la-la-laaadddiiesss! You know how it’s arguably the worst when you’re walking the street and a person tells you to smile and the very thought of that is hilariously insulting because literally all you are thinking about is where the nearest bathroom is because you have change your tampon and poop? Or how it’s just insane people are telling you to smile because you would never look at someone and tell them to frown, or cross their eyes, or do a little dance? You would maybe do that to a dog, but even then you give the dog a treat and so far none of the dudes hollering are offering treats that are appealing and that aren’t their dick.

Anyways, la-la-la-ladies, Tuesday night one of us, nay the best one of us, Serena Williams, experienced such an assault after she beat her younger sister, Venus, at the US Open, advancing her to the semifinals. An Italian reporter asked why she wasn’t smiling or laughing after she won a game and she charitably offered him an explanation, which is something she did not have to do.

Watch the interaction here and feel free to smile or frown or whatever the fuck you want while you do so. But do skip to 5:15 in the video to hear the reporter (quietly) ask Serena the question and 5:32 for Serena owning him.