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January 08, 2016

On the contrary, if you like him or are willing to listen to what he has to say, you might like this video a lot!

The country is divided on guns. The country is even more divided on Obama. So when Obama is talking about guns, you’re going to get people willing to listen and you’re going to get people yelling at their televisions.

So for those that hate Obama, you’re going to hate this town hall meeting he held last night. Don’t even watch this video. It’ll make your blood boil to hear him want children at school to not be gunned down. But! If you’re someone who likes Obama, give it a watch! You’ll like it!

What’s important is that you’ve already made up your mind on this issue before listening to any of this. For those of you that fucking hate long videos and those that couldn’t imagine a heaven without long videos, we’ve included both a recap of the meeting and also the full event.

Short Video For People Who Hate Long Videos

Long Video For People Who Hate Short Videos