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October 09, 2015

We take a look at the absolute hottest pixels from Bieber's Bora Bora strip show.

Wow, what a week for Justin Bieber fans! Thanks to intrepid dick tweeter Celebrity Bulge we were able to get a good look at the child-star-turned-adult-rich-man Justin Bieber’s semen shooter. We aren’t going to show you the dick here of course, you already know what it looks like by memory anyway, but we are going to break down what we thought were this dick pic’s hottest pixels. Take a look:


An Arousing Pixel From Bieber’s Shaft

First up we got this delectable pixel from the Bieb’s penis shaft. Soak it up, Beliebers, because there is nothing like a tiny square of color from the direct middle of this dreamboat’s thigh-slapper to get the human reproductive functions going full tilt.

Balls (1).jpg

An Arousing Pixel From Bieber’s Balls

Now look, we know that the balls are usually the sloppiest part of a man’s gamete factory but it only takes one glance at this pixel to make U Smile. Just imagine this pixel being rubbed all over your body. Now stop imagining it. And then start imagining it one more time, hell yeah.


An Arousing Pixel From Bieber’s Foreskin

The showstopper of the Bieber pics wasn’t just that he had foreskin but that his foreskin was SO FRICKING HOT! FUCK! It was a tough choice but when it came to foreskin pixels, all the ladies in the office agreed this was the one that made them wanna take a bath. Just imagine taking this little pixel in your hands and peeling it back. SCOM SCOM SCOM.


An Arousing Pixel From Bieber’s Base-Of-The-Cock

Yeah, we’re surprised too. Normally the the base-of-the-cock isn’t the top enticement of the male cum hut, but one look at this pixel was all it took to get our Grovers churning. Just look at that sexy Pantone 7639 C. It makes us sing “Baby” every time. Because that is a Justin Bieber song. Now if you please excuse us, we have to go print each of these pixels out on their own pieces of paper and then rub many ones out all over them.