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August 17, 2016

A poem for the liberal dumbasses all over the net.

Our story begins with a four letter word,
A descriptor for men who need to be HEARD,
Males who abandon their gender and race,
Discarding them willy-nilly, leaving no trace.

A derivative of “Cuckold,” the ancient descriptor,
Of a man who finds his Misses with another Mister.
It now comes to mean something entirely new
Often accompanied by screams of “The N word” and “Jew.”

Brave soldiers who mourn the death of things they held dear
Like the Confederacy and rape and Pepsi Clear
Take to the internet to make it well known
That cucks are far from one of their own.

These soldiers prowl sites like Facebook and Reddit,
And they search for weak men giving unearned credit
To women and minorities or that John Oliver Show
And that’s when they deliver their fatal blow.

“CUCK,” they shout with uninhibited fervor,
“You deserve to get fucked and then to get murdered!
I would take my AR-15 and shoot your ass dead
If I could only find out where you lay that gay head.”

Needless to say the effect is quite frightening–
A terrible shock, virtual thunder and lightening,
Threatening the victim with rumbles quite loud
Before the brave patriot disappears into the cloud.

The cucks are subjected to endless cruel memes–
Kermit sipping tea and calling out schemes
By the Jewish liberal media, a powerful force
That keeps real men down and pumps up the dorks.

And sadly we see the truth of it all–
That cucks are about to undergo a long fall
While heroes like Schilling and Baio and Trump
Keep shouting their truths from the internet stump.

Not long for the world are the men who would say
“Hey maybe this shit ain’t about me today.
I think I should listen, I think I should wait,
And realize I’ve been given much more from the gate.”

Men with twitter bios reading “Proud REAL American,”
Profiles brimming with patriotism, calling out harridans
They shove aside liberal dumbasses thinking different
In order to prove to the world that their penises aren’t impotent.

So here’s to the moral weaklings, the puny little freaks,
Thick glasses and plaid shirts, staying whiny and weak,
While good men with big guns who have women who fuck
Keep the world free of the trash that are internet cucks.