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January 20, 2017

Civil disobedience isn't nearly as important as looking civilly disobedient.

Listen, protesting is hard. You have to get up early, stand for hours at a time, and have a strong opinion on the current political climate. No thanks. Instead, here are some legally-ambiguous stock images you can post all over social media to convince your followers you actually took time out of your day to defend the rights of millions. Oh, and they’ll think you have a nice camera! Bonus!


#1. The nice thing about this one is the number of people, as nobody on your timeline will be able to confirm that you are not actually in this picture. Pretend you are lost in the sea of faces, never mind the Adobe Stock watermark or #66066734 in the corner. If anyone asks, that’s just a flashy new Instagram filter.


#2. Here’s a nice up-close look at some flamin’ hot social justice you were too busy to be a part of. Act as if these were signs you saw in real life instead of on Dreamstime.com, a website I’ve never heard of and you can definitely write off as your newest personal blog.


#3. Okay, so technically this photo (courtesy of alamy.com) is of a protest a few years ago in Budapest. But do you really trust the internet to know that? If you’re really worried about people recognizing those flags, change the photo to black-and-white and caption it with a lyric from The Beatles’ “Revolution”


#4. Thanks to Corbis for this gorgeous stock photo of a suffragette protest. It shouldn’t be difficult to pass this off as your own experience considering the similarities between current civil rights threats and those our ancestors fought for (or didn’t, maybe your apple didn’t fall far from the tree).


#5. Alright so full disclosure: this is a photo of Coachella. I do not know if it is copyrighted or even what year it’s from. BUT I do know that if you post this on Facebook and say you went to a Mac Miller-headlined protest, all your friends will be so jealous as they march for Climate Change and you sit inside signing online petitions.