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October 11, 2015

Amy Schumer delivers new stand-up, Colin Jost and Michael Che's chemistry on Weekend Update has never been better, and so many guns!

Remember two years ago when your mom didn’t know who Amy Schumer was? OK stop! Come back to the present! Times were bleak before Amy Schumer was a household name, but she hosted SNL this week, so now even your crossing guard probably knows she’s “that girl from the television who talks about her pussy all the time.” As evidenced by many of the clips from this episode, times are still bleak, but at least we have some solid comedy to help us through it.

“Guns. They’re here to stay.”

Seriously, what a great week for gun humor on SNL! Schumer and almost the whole cast were transcendent in the Beautiful Art that was the “Guns” ad. In this schmaltzy, faux-uplifting clip, we learn about the things we all have in common: “love, family, connection, a sense of purpose, and also: guns.”

Just Standing There

Amy Schumer did stand-up during her monologue and it was one of the stand-out parts of the episode! (That was not a stand-out moment of this recap, sorry.) If you liked Schumer’s real life bit where she stayed in Jake Gyllenhaal’s apartment and ate an old cake in his freezer, you’ll love her anecdote about hangin’ with Bradley Cooper (who apparently has hearing loss because of “all that sniping”).

“I talked more than anybody!”

The always amusing Fox and Friends cold open had some great moments — particularly Pete Davidson’s debut as a congressman! He played the Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) — that dingus who, among other gaffes, grilled the president of Planned Parenthood over her PRETTY MODEST salary, considering what she has to put up with. Davidson’s impression of the clammy representative was a perfect storm of smug and happily oblivious. Chaffetz’s contribution to the recent Planned Parenthood trials? “I talked more than anybody!”

Also, please, listen for Vanessa Bayer’s line about where PP is selling baby parts these days.


Colin Jost and Michael Che’s Update relationship is starting to feel effortless. Jost channels a bit of Stephen Colbert as he plays a guileless devil’s advocate to the prankish and sardonic Che, and it works so well, I could cry, especially during their discussion on whether the country could implement more gun control. Jost brought up the difficulty New York City had just with the soda ban (“He’s trying to take our soda buckets!”) and Che countered with the point that the government has to regulate some things, otherwise, according to the Constitution, it would still be OK to own people, to which which he adds, “If I owned a whole field of jacked Africans, I’d probably want a dozen or so guns, too.”