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January 08, 2015

Jimmy Fallon Could Have Dated Nicole Kidman But He Nerded It All Up


Here Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy…

Jimmy Fallon has long been the poster boy of 1. shy and 2. geeky but also 3. charming and 4. funny guys. It’s a “type” that is rooted in too many 80’s teen romance movies to count. You got Ducky from 16 Candles and, you know, a whole lot more. But Fallon is massively successful and famous and beloved these days so you’d think he couldn’t be lumped into that kind of dorky company anymore. But you’d think wrong.

Fallon got some retroactive Ducky Points™ when Nicole Kidman, yes Tim Burton’s Catwoman herself, came on the Tonight Show and revealed to Jimmy, apparently for the first time, that she was once interested in dating him. Not only interested but arranged a meeting through a mutual friend. And then went to his apartment. And then, in the grand tradition of nervous boys everywhere, he blew it.

It’s rare that you see such a genuine interaction in a talk show interview. Fallon seems to be legitimately stunned that this was Kidman’s intention when they met up years ago. He thought she just wanted to see if he was interested in a movie role and nothing more. Kudos to Kidman for surprising Fallon with the mildly embarrassing story and kudos to Fallon for living up to the lovable geek persona despite being one of the most famous people in show business.